Welcome to links to historical video and audio files about Dynamic Measurement LLC

DateTitle and Link to audio or movieThumbnailDescription
20 Jan 2021Lightning Analysis BasicsVideo composite showing moments from course 19-20 Jan 2020: Lightning Analysis Basics.
20 Jan 2021Lecture Segments from Lightning Analysis Basics on 20 Jan 202114 minutes of clips from different lectures on 20 Jan 2021 during course: Lightning Analysis Basics
20 Jan 2021Song: The Wooden ShoeSong: The Wooden Shoe, recorded for Dan Ebrom's sons after course: Lightning Analysis Basics.
18 Oct 2020Download SEG JaWS Venture Forum PresentationPresentation on Dynamic Measurement LLC, given at SEG Venture Forum JaWS (Juice a Working Startup).
18 Oct 2020Download Song: The Ballad of Dynamic MeasurementSong: The Ballad of Dynamic Measurement, rewriting the words to The Ballad of Jeb Clampett.
20 Jan 2021Interview of Roice Nelson by Michael at Empire-Broadcasting.Michael David 10:31 Empire-Broadcasting interview of Roice Nelson about Dynamic Measurement LLC.
28 Mar 2014Download: 140328 Barker Reservoir Thunder in the DistanceRoice Nelson singing a song about lightning analysis overlooking Barker Reservoir, Houston, TX during a thunderstorm in 2014.
11 Mar 2014Wipro: Lighting As A Geophysical Data TypeRoice Nelson and Dr. Jim Siebert describing Lightning Analysis and planned work with Wipro in 2014.